På svenska, in Swedish                                                                                                                                     

 by Roger Viklund




The Jesus Character Critically Examined and the Exploration

of the Gnostic Creation of the Jesus Myth  2002

The Jesus Parallels  2007





Reclaiming Clement's Letter to Theodoros – An Examination

of Carlson’s Handwriting Analysis  2009

Tremors, or Just an Optical Illusion? A Further

Evaluation of Carlson’s Handwriting Analysis   2009

One Thousand and One Untruths: How Reliable Is the Account

of Secret Mark by Lee Strobel and Craig Evans?   2009

A Quest for Secret Mark’s Authenticity: A Chain is as Strong as its Weakest Link  2010

Peer reviewed article in Vigiliae Christianae 67;

co-author Timo S. Paananen (PDF)

Distortion of the Scribal Hand in the Images of Clement’s Letter to Theodore (engelska)  2013

Peer reviewed article in Apocrypha 26;

co-author Timo S. Paananen (PDF)

An Eighteenth-Century Manuscript: Control of the Scribal Hand in Clement's Letter to Theodore  2015





The James Ossuary inscription  2002




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